About Us


Since 1911, The Hazard Herald has been the leading newspaper in Perry County and the City of Hazard. The Herald has served its readers and its community on a weekly basis as their primary source of local news, as well as has served as a guide to help its readers choose their goods and services through advertising from local and national merchants.

Though the paper has taken on different names in its history–The Hazard Voice, The Hazard Herald-Voice, and The Hazard Herald–it has continuously maintained its goal of serving its community and readers with quality and accurate local, state, and national news. Through the years, that mission has evolved from only offering print news, to also supplying news online on its website, www.hazard-herald.com, as well as on social media.

The Herald is really the community’s paper, so, please, use it, enjoy it, and feel free to contact the staff on how it can be made better.