Viper eliminates Robinson

Tony McGuireSports Editor

November 5, 2012

In the final 6th grade game of the night, the Viper Lady Hornets took on the Robinson Lady Bluejays. The game was close throughout with Viper putting the game on ice in the fourth quarter.

Neither team could find their range in the first quarter. The period ended with a tie as both teams hit on just one field goal (2-2).

Things picked up in the second period as both team got their offense together. Viper, however, won the battle, and went into the locker room with the 8-6 advantage.

The pace continued to increase in the third period, with the difference in scoring being a single free throw. The advantage went to the Lady Hornets at the horn as Viper held the 15-12 lead.

The pace dropped back off in the fourth quarter as fatigue and fouls began to take their toll. Viper was able to keep a firm grip on the lead, and moved on in the tournament with the 19-12 win.

Viper (19) Minks 1, Dunnigan 2, Danner 4 and Burgett 12.

Robinson (12) Napier 8 and Holbrook 4.