Perry sees another month of high jobless rates

Amelia HollidayStaff Reporter

February 5, 2013

HAZARD — Kentucky’s unemployment rates for December 2012 have been released, and Perry County, along with surrounding counties, doesn’t seem to be anywhere near to out of the woods.

The state recorded a 7.9 percent jobless rate in December, down from 8.6 the previous year, and just 0.3 percent higher than the nation’s rate; ninety-seven counties in the bluegrass also saw a drop.

Perry County, however, noted a 12.7 percent unemployment rate, a sharp rise from December 2011 at 9.7 percent. The county’s rate has increased 0.5 percent since November 2012, but had been showing a steady decline in unemployment since August, when rates were at their highest.

Counties in the Kentucky River Area Development District, including Letcher, Knott, Perry, and others, recorded some of the highest rates in the state for another consecutive month.

Out of these counties, Knott recorded a 13.8 percent jobless rate, Letcher County an even 14 percent, and Leslie County had 14.6 percent.