Second hearing requested after rape conviction

Amelia HollidayStaff Reporter

May 10, 2013

After a week-long trial ending in a guilty verdict, a Perry County man charged with first-degree rape and second degree persistent felony offender has requested a second hearing of his case.

Stephon Slone, 31, of Scuddy, was found guilty after a jury trial in Perry County Circuit Court last month. In October 2012, the Perry County grand jury indicted Slone after allegations surfaced that he had forced his girlfriend’s 14-year-old daughter to engage in sexual intercourse inside a residence in the Scuddy community in February 2011.

On Thursday, Slone’s attorney, David Johnson, requested a second hearing in the case before the sentencing hearing.

Commonwealth’s Attorney John Hansen said this was a standard step in seeking an appeal.

“It’s nothing out of the ordinary. This is part of the process that starts the appeal,” Hansen explained.

The Herald reported Johnson has said he and his client will seek to have the conviction overturned.

“This jury was carried away by emotion, the crying crocodile tears of a child that just went too far down the rabbit hole and could not climb back out because her story could not be reversed, even though it was a lie,” Johnson told the Herald.

The jury recommended Slone serve 20 years in prison.

Hansen said he is confident in the decision of the jury and the original outcome of the trial.

“I hope the conviction will be upheld,” Hansen said. “I have confidence that the Commonwealth’s response will be upheld to best represent the young victim in this case.”

Slone’s second hearing is scheduled for June 11.