Fire in Bulan destroys home, damages neighbor’s

July 30, 2013

BULAN—A residential fire in the Bulan community of Perry County last week destroyed one home and damaged another.

Estill Noble lives just two trailers down from 4850 Ky Highway 476, where he said the fire started the evening of July 24.

Noble said he went to sleep just before 11 p.m., and less than a half hour later he was woken up by neighbors asking for help with a house fire.

“They had enough time to run over here, wake me up, me to get my shoes on and come over here and it was bad already. And you couldn’t even see the flames coming out when they went to get me,” Noble said.

Noble said the owners of the trailer had no electricity running to the trailer; however, he said he was told there were candles burning in a bedroom and bathroom at the back of the trailer, where the fire was the worst.

“I think it started in the back bedroom because that’s what got the most damage,” he said.

Noble said the Jake’s Branch Volunteer Fire Department was called to the scene at around 11:45 p.m., and were able to contain the flames but could not save the trailer. Officials with the department were not available for comment before the time of publication.

Noble said he tried to go back to sleep again at around 4 a.m. after Jake’s Branch fire fighters told those close to the scene to watch the trailer in case the fire started up again. At around 5 a.m. that’s just what happened when the trailer next door caught fire.

“The guy with Jake’s Branch said if we hadn’t have caught it the damage would have been a lot worse,” Noble said.

The trailer only sustained exterior damage, leaving the insulation exposed around the backdoor.

With flames still smoldering in the trailer last week, Noble said he and neighbors would have to continue to keep an eye on it after resting from such a long night.

“I’ve had maybe two hours of sleep in the last day or two, you can bet I’ll get more tonight,” Noble said.