Give Thanksgiving a chance

Amelia Holliday — Staff Reporter

November 12, 2013

With the eerie howls of Halloween just faint echoes in our ears now, it makes sense that many are preparing for the next upcoming holiday. Decking the halls, hanging mistletoe, singing carols — wait. Did I miss something? What happened to Thanksgiving?

For nearly a month now I have noticed that not only have stores forgotten another holiday comes between Halloween and Christmas — which is slightly more understandable given that there’s not much variation in décor for a holiday that’s main attraction is a dead, stuffed bird — but that people I have known for years are going Christmas-crazy as well.

The first culprit of this phenomenon was, of course, a certain big business, warehouse-type “supercenter.” Being the enormous fan of Halloween and scaring the living crap out of children that I am, I obviously had to make multiple supply-runs to said superstore before the big day. A small part of me died inside when I realized that, a few weeks before Halloween, Christmas lights, giant candy canes, and the pre-packaged, last-minute, I-don’t-know-what-else-to-get-you gifts were being put on the shelves in place of the werewolf masks and fake blood.

But the Christmas insanity didn’t stop there.

At around the same time I noticed that many people in my life seemed to have completely forgotten any other holidays existed but Christmas. This realization came most notably in the form of a Facebook friend who was expressing her impatience with Christmas and not being able to wait to put her tree up. This might have been acceptable if it were not mid-October at the time and if she had not put her tree up and made a picture of it her cover photo by the next day.

To add to the madness, just recently, I was made aware of the fact that the cable channel ABC Family not only has a 25-day countdown to Christmas with its “25 Days of Christmas” broadcasting schedule, but now has a countdown to the countdown. This, my friends, is bordering on the obsessive.

Now, merely 11 days into November, my social media networks are flooded with pictures of Christmas trees, status updates of how certain individuals will be having multiple trees this year, and posts of favorite Christmas songs. We still have more than two weeks until Thanksgiving!

I’m tired of being blinded by the premature Christmas lights and decorations on my neighbors’ front lawns. I want to get excited about drawing “hand turkeys,” trying new stuffing recipes, and figuring out how many times I will get to eat essentially the same meal in one day this year.

Christmas gets enough glory. As the biggest commercial holiday of the year, marketing teams ensure that you’d be hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t like Christmas. Other holidays don’t need to have the added hurdle of people purposely skipping them to get closer to Christmas. And that’s not to say that I dislike Christmas, I just think it’d be nice to remember that other holidays do exist and should be celebrated with at least a fraction of the gusto Christmas gets.

We, as Americans, need to give Thanksgiving a chance. I mean, it’s essentially our country’s second birthday. Without it we wouldn’t have been introduced to Tom Turkey and massive parades. We would never have known the joys of a real food-coma during halftime or the sorrow felt that last piece of pumpkin pie is snagged by Uncle Bernie instead of you.

So, this holiday season, don’t forget the holiday that’s really coming next. And don’t offend that dead poultry defrosting in your refrigerator by shoving an overly-ornate pine tree in its face. It’s his day, give the turkey a chance.