Perry elementary wrestling picking up steam

Tony McGuire — Sports Editor

November 28, 2013

The Perry County Elementary wrestling program is picking up steam. Last season, the young Commodores had five or six wrestlers at their disposal. This season the numbers have swollen to more than 20.

Last season the Commodores had some success at the state level as kindergardener Ian Montgomery took the state championship. First grader Gage Feltner also did well at the state level, finishing with a runners-up medal.

On Saturday, the elementary wrestlers participated in an exhibition during the Nick Cory Takedown Tournament. They will take part in an actual tournament next weekend in Pike County.

Elementary wrestlers: Ian Montgomery, Harley Bauer, Ricardo Lopez-Maldonado, Gage Feltner, Orly Lopez-Maldonado, Trajan Beverly, Denver Bauer, Khyli Jett, Elijah Gayhart, William McReynolds, Mary McReynolds, Corey Clemons, Brayden Howard, Braydon Thomas, Harley Combs, Gabe Begley and Sammy Holcomb.