LETTERS: Good candidates wanted

December 3, 2013

In 2010, I ran for Perry County judge-executive. Men spent time in prison for buying votes against me. Not a day has passed since then without me thinking of the pain these men and their families endured, all at the hands of political corruption. Now that they are released, I harbor no resentment. Instead, I pray that God brings healing and blessings unto them. I also pray that God delivers Perry County from this kind of corruption, which has crippled our culture for years.

Now that we are in the middle of another signup period for county elections, I want to extend humble advice to any good man or woman considering a campaign for Perry County government. Evil minds with ulterior motives seek both the highest and lowest offices in every election. For the corrupt, there are only two questions to be answered before filing candidacy: How much money can we take, and who must we deceive to obtain it?

This dark method of governing works just fine, as long as you are one of the select few. Most of us, however, function in accordance with a separate standard — a life defined by hard work and a soft heart. We are the ones who protect humanity from extinction. The good people determine whether tomorrow’s dawn shines with light from God’s golden sun, or burns black with the smoke of Satan’s nuclear devastation.

Corruption will assume power from time to time. When this occurs, good people suffer. For this reason, it is vital that good candidates run for office and good citizens vote for them.

When it comes to corrupt candidates, there is no doubt that they want the job, and greed is the reason why. But good candidates are wise to give undivided attention to the question, “Do I want this job, and if so, why do I want it?” If your answer is, “Yes, I want this job and the welfare of my people is the reason why,” then you owe it to a calling far greater than yourself to lace up your boots, rollup your sleeves, and run for office.

If greed is the primary motive for your campaign, wait in line. There are many money mongers ahead of you. But if you care about the people, do all of us a favor and run for office. You might win. Then again, you might lose. However, one thing is for sure. We could certainly use a leader like you in these desperate times.

Sam Neace

Bonnyman, KY