Letter to the Editor

January 31, 2014

In November of 2013, there was a call to action for our leaders in Washington to come together and create a budget which included funding for Alzheimer’s research and funding of related programs. With the help of over 600,000 Alzheimer’s advocates across the nation, our voices were heard. With the bipartisan passage of the 2014 funding bill, Congress and President Obama’s administration included a historical $122 million in funding for Alzheimer’s research, education, outreach, and caregiver support. Specifically, I want to thank Congressman Hal Rogers for conveying the needs of families like mine in Eastern Kentucky and securing this increase in funding. We are grateful for your leadership.

We are now at a critical juncture in research and now have a comprehensive road map and strategy for the first time to fight Alzheimer’s. This funding will help maintain that momentum, but we need to continue to increase funding to levels comparable with the magnitude and urgency of the Alzheimer’s crisis. We now urge President Obama and Congress to continue to address the Alzheimer’s crisis in the fiscal year 2015 budget and reach the goal of the National Alzheimer’s Plan by 2025.

Visit alz.org/napa to learn more about the National Alzheimer’s Plan and how you can become involved with the fight against Alzheimer’s.


Greg Gilbert, RN

Hyden, Ky.