Renfro takes Super-Stock at Soap Box Derby

Tony McGuire Sports Editor cpsports@gmail.com

April 28, 2014

On Saturday, the Hazard Kiwanis Club held their annual Soap Box Derby. The most coveted of the prizes, is the championship of the Super-Stock event.

After seven byes and seven races, eventual champion Tessa Renfro was knocked into the loser’s bracket by Hallie Jo Kilburn. Eight races later the two would meet for the championship.

Renfro took out Kilburn in the 22nd heat of the day, but that would not be enough to win the championship as Kilburn had not lost a heat yet. The two racers took to the track again, and again, Renfro edged Kilburn, giving her the championship, and a trip to Akron, Ohio for the Nationals.

4th place: Kassy Smith

3rd place: Courtney Couch

2nd place: Hallie Jo Kilburn

1st place: Tessa Renfro

Heat 1: Courtney Couch bye

Heat 2: Kassy Smith bye

Heat 3 Mary Caress bye

Heat 4: Ethan Combs defeated Damion Kapp

Heat 5: Courtney Couch defeated Ben Melton

Heat 6: Kassy Smith defeated Dasia Wilscon

Heat 7: Tessa Renfro defeated Mary Caress

Heat 8: Hallie Jo Kilburn defeated Ethan Combs

Heat 9: Ethan Combs bye

Heat 10: Mary Caress bye

Heat 11: Dasia Wilson bye

Heat 12: Ben Melton defeated Damion Kapp

Heat 13: Courtney Couch defeated Kassy Smith

Heat 14: Hallie Jo Kilburn defeated Tessa Renfro

Heat 15: Mary Caress defeated Ethan Combs

Heat 16: Dasia Wilson defeated Ben Melton

Heat 17: Kassy Smith defeated Mary Caress

Heat 18: Tessa Renfro defeated Dasia Wilson

Heat 19: Hallie Jo Kilburn defeated Courtney Couch

Heat 20: Tessa Renfro defeated Kassy Smith

Heat 21: Tessa Renfro defeated Courtney Couch

Heat 22: Tessa Renfro defeated Hallie Jo Kilburn

Heat 23: Tessa Renfro defeated Hallie Jo Kilburn

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