Yankees 17, Padres 5

Tony McGuire cpsports@gmail.com

June 13, 2014

The Yankees and the Padres had their final meeting of the season last week. The Yankees jumped out to the early lead, and rolled to the 17-5 win.

The Yankees opened the game with five runs in the top of the first inning, while the Padres could only muster a single run (5-1). The Yankees went up 12-1 with a seven run rally in the second inning.

The two teams traded runs in the third inning, bringing the count to 16-5. The final run of the game belonged to the Yankees, bringing the final tally to 17-5.

Yankees (17) H. Pelfrey 1 hit and 3 runs; W. Pelfrey 1 hit and 1 run; G. Miller 1 hit and 2 runs; C. Caudill 1 run; G. Clutts 1 hit and 3 runs; J. Hamilton 2 hits and 4 runs; and B. Davidson 2 runs.

Padres (5) L. Goins 1 run; L. Thomas 1 run; Z. Deaton 1 run; D. Curry 1 hit and 1 run; C. Davis 1 run; and K. Hillman 1 hit.

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