Yankees 6, Dodgers 2

Tony McGuire cpsports@gmail.com

June 13, 2014

The Yankees and the Dodgers hit the field last week in what would be a low scoring affair. The Yankees led the entire game, and had to fend off a late rally by the Dodgers to pull out the win.

The Yankees to the 1-0 lead in the second inning, and boosted that lead to 4-0 with a trio of runs in the third. The Yankees rounded out their scoring with a pair of runs in the fifth inning (6-0).

The Dodgers began to get some base runners in the sixth inning, and managed a small rally. However, the rally would be cut short at two, giving the Yankees the 6-2 win.

Yankees (6) Hank Pelfrey 1 hit and 2 runs; Wade Pelfrey 1 hit and 1 run; Garrett Miller 1 hit and 1 run; Cameron Caudill 2 hits and 1 run; Gavin Clutts 1 hit; and Jaxson Hamilton 1 run.

Dodgers (2) Jayden Bailey 1 run; Dustin Fields 1 hit; Max Johnson 1 hit; Dalton Bowling 1 hit; and Ryan Davidson 1 run.

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