Angels 22, Cubs 5

Tony McGuire cpsports@gmail.com

June 13, 2014

Last week, the Angels and the Cubs did battle on the little league diamond. The game was close in the early going, with the Angels breaking loose to end the game early with a 22-5 score.

The game was tied at one after the first inning of play. The Angels then jumped ahead 4-2 in the second inning.

The Angels got the better of a 6-3 exchange in the third inning, giving them the 10-5 advantage. The game came to an end in the fourth inning as the Angels pushed 12 runs across the plate, stopping the game at 22-5.

Angels (22) I. Bellamy 1 hit and 2 runs; A. Combs 3 runs; H. Pigman 2 hits and 3 runs; D. Cornett 1 hit and 3 runs; J. Blank 3 runs; C. Dean 4 hits and 4 runs; G. Noe 1 hit and 1 run; R. Dean 1 hit and 2 runs; and B. Newsome 1 run.

Cubs (5) D. Kersey 1 hit and 2 runs; B. Gambill 1 run; D. Stidham 1 run; and L.J. Neace 1 run and 1 hit.

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