Yankees 9, Nationals 8

Tony McGuire cpsports@gmail.com

June 13, 2014

Last week, the Yankees and the Nationals took to the little league diamond. Control of the game would go back and forth, with the Yankees pulling out the win in the final frame.

The Nationals took the 4-0 lead in the top of the first inning. Not to be outdone, the Yankees fired back with six runs in the bottom of the inning (6-4).

The Nationals eased their way back into the lead with a run in the third inning, and three more in the fourth (8-6). The Yankees inched their way back once more scoring single runs in each the fourth, fifth and sixth innings. The final run gave the Yankees the 9-8 win.

Yankees (9) H. Pelfrey 1 run; W. Pelfrey 2 runs; G. Miller 1 run; C. Caudill 2 runs; G. Clutts 1 hit and 1 run; and B. Davidson 2 runs.

Nationals (8) Ja. Napier 1 run; M. Steele 1 hit and 2 runs; D. Browning 2 runs; M. Goiins 2 hits and 3 runs; M. Hensley 2 hits; and Je. Napier 1 hit.

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