Know -it-alls Who Don’t Know It At All

Message From Grace Baptist Church

By Joseph M. Wilson

“Hast thou perceived the breadth of the earth? declare if thou knowest it all.” Job 38:18

Some years ago I heard a sermon, except the final point. The final point was that inthe end God explained to Job why he had gone through the things that he had gone through; and that just isn’t true. There is nothing inthe book of Job that God ever explained to Job the reason for his suffering. But when God did appear to Job, He set forth Himself. he set His power before Job; He named the many of the great things of power that He did. he set His knowledge and wisdom before Job, and he set His sovereignty. He also set before Job Job’s weakness and ignorance, and his total dependence upon God. At the end of the book we see Job learned of his own weakness and his dependency upon God.

A know it all is lifted up with pride. It is a proud spirit that seems to leave the impression with others that “I know more about whatever you want to discuss than you do.” That’s a spirit of pride. people who know it all do not have real humility.

Know it all’s hurt the feelings of others. My dear friends, be careful about other people’s feelings. other people have feelings too. You don’t like to have your feelings hurt, and they don’t like to have their feelings hurt. So be very careful about saying anything that hurts other people’s feelings. I had a church member and this affliction afflicted this member, and I said to them, ” You just don’t think about what you say and you don’t care what it does to other people. You don’t care what you say and how much it hurts other people.” There are people like that and we shouldn’t be like that. We should be very careful. But sometimes there are times in which you have too. sometimes duty demands it, and sometimes saying the right thing with truthfulness, and a desire to be helpful demands it. But always be sure that it has to be, if you do anything to hurt somebody else. it makes a bad impression on others if they get the impression that you think you know it all. it makes a bad impression, it makes you look bad if you make other people feel like you think you know it all. That’s just bad manners.

You know , the older folks used to talk a lot about manners, and I think we ought to get back to some teaching about manners. I think maybe in our schools and in our churches and in our families we may need to get back to some teachings about good manners. it is not good manners to hurt other people’s feelings and put them down and make them look bad, or make them feel bad.

I John 5:13 says” These things have I written unto you that beleive on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life.” You need to know that.

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Message From Grace Baptist Church

By Joseph M. Wilson

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