Local author will visit Yader County Market in November

By Miriam Maylor - For The Hazard Herald

Courtesy Photo Early mountain home.

There is always a HISTORY behind us a living-past that is noteworthy. It is good for us to take time to be aware of our forefather’s stamina; their struggles, fortitude, values and pleasures.

The books, At the Head of the Holler and its sequel, Out at The Forks, capture the lives of our Appalachian Mountain folks in the 1880. Being historical fiction means, the content is based on history but uses liberty to put it into story form for our enjoyment. The author, Miriam Moyer here preserves a bit of the fun, fuss, and flavor of the mountains, in the pages of these books.

You may meet your great- grandparents making soap, hoeing the hillsides, running the hogs off the hill for butchering, or staying out too late to travel home, Night travel is perilous, for there is a lot of gun toting and bootlegging, and the law doesn’t frequent the back hollers, Times are rough and some folks want government closer home. Will they get a new county struck off? Will they lose

their timber to the Outsiders’?

Daytime calls for duty; barking logs, erecting corn cribs, working off road-taxes, spinning thread and weaving, Seeking out bee-trees for honey, bringing the cow in for milking, splitting kindling and catching crawdads are part of a childs day, but Mommy has never whipped nine-year-old Sprout, Will he learn the rigors of debarking logs, or planting hillsides while Poppy has to run out to Jackson for court because he witnessed a shooting? With six children, Mommy finds her hands more than full.

Here is an introduction to At the Head of the Holler by Miriam Moyer.

“We be a l needin l better government in this area. The words still rang in Ligels ears as he turned his mule and headed up the holler. Chick Allen had just told him the constable had sent word for them

to, ‘Cut the ropes and let Rosco loose. That they weren lt aiming to carry him halfway across the state, Why, they had had Rosco tied up and ready for the law to pack off, and they wouldnt do a thing. Seven months later Lige was summonsed to court over to Jackson, fifty miles away, because of the murder case. There was too much fussing and feuding in these rugged hills of Kentucky for the late 18001s to leave a man sitting easy. It was paining Lige to leave Clarie with the six children and it being planting time, To top it off, Lige knew there was trouble brewing in their home, What was a man to do?

Miriam Moyer, author and illustrator of the books, At the Head of the Holler and Out at The Forks lived in Breathitt County, Kentucky until she was ten years old, She now lives in Knott County, Kentucky

and feels a keen part of the history she portrays. At the Head of the Holler is 375 pages and also a 9 CD Audio Album. The second book is now in Audio and is to be released in book-form hopefully in January of 2016.

Miriam Moyer plans to be at; Yoder Country Market (Hindman) November 27 & 28 and December 1 1 & 12 with the items for sale and at DOWNTOWN JACKSON on December 5

Courtesy Photo Early mountain home.
http://hazard-herald.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/web1_early-mountain-home.jpgCourtesy Photo Early mountain home.

By Miriam Maylor

For The Hazard Herald

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