An introduction to Out at The Forks by Miriam Moyer.

By Miriam Moyer - For The Hazard Herald

“It don’t make a lick of sense” and Redhead Lewis glared at the lawyer-man. ‘Them fellers that come into town last night weren’t shooting at nothing. But now let me tell you, hit scares everybody half to death. Folks is always faulting the sheriff for not penning em up. Why, no sooner than me and sheriff came in to the edge of town that bunch wheeled their mules and left with the gunfire whistling in our ears, I tell you, ye want to duck your head and save your hide worser than anything!”

The young listener nodded, then asked, ‘What do you see as the cause for them taking such freedom or vengeance as their fathers?’ The redhead drew a long breath, and Clarke allowed he had something

to say. He waited,“Hits a puzzlement.” Redhead Lewis, spoke, leaning toward Clarke, “To my way of thinking, they want some excitement. A stirring in their blood. And they ain’t got no learning to speak of. Their poppys might write their name. They may only make an X, Thais the sum total. Work the fields. Make liquor and cut a shine. Thats about all there is for em.’

Clarke rose from his chair, his hands meeting behind his back. He took a step, then two before speaking. “Have ye got a church or school around here?’

“Ain’t got neither. ‘

Later that day Lige stormed home from town. “Clarie,” he spoke, “there was another shooting bunch come into The Forks again last night. Them fellers has got to be mending their ways. I ain’t drnoving my family down there, for the life of me.

Clarie went to wringing her hands over the loom. “But — we been a llaying by to build that house.’

“I say, wels gonna stay at the head of the holler if they keep carrying on so outlandish.’ Clarie thumped the pedal and went back to weaving.

Miriam Moyer, author and illustrator of the books, At the Head of the Holler and Out at The Forks lived in Breathitt County, Kentucky until she was ten years old. She now lives in Knott County, Kentucky and feels a keen part of the history she portrays. At the Head of the Holler is 375 pages and in 9 CD Audio Abum. The second book is now in Audio and is to be released in book-form hopefully in January of 2016.

Miriam Moyer plans to be at; Yoder Country Market (Hindman) Nov. 27 and 28 and Dec.11 and 12 with the items for sale and at downtown Jackson on Dec. 5.

By Miriam Moyer

For The Hazard Herald

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