Thieves of Time

By Oscar B. Mink - For The Hazard Herald

Someone has said, “Procrastination is the thief of time.” It is without doubt that a lot of time is lost due to procrastination, but procrastination is not the only culprit whereby time is lost. Laziness, carelessness, sensuousness are all thieves of time, and are more subtle and hurtful than procrastination. Sensuousness is not necessarily that which is manifestly sinful, surely those things are sensuous, but any and all things done in obedience to our fallen nature is sensual. It is a joy to get company, especially family whom you have not seen for awhile. On the other hand, considering the eternal perspective, it is readily seen that no company, be they ever so precious is worth getting who will take time from you which you owe to God. He Who purchased the church with His own blood, and grants man his every minute, has said to those baptized into His church, forsake not the assembly (Hebrews 10:25). Yet, the supposed excuse for absence, “I got company”, seems never to wear thin. One day, that seemingly genuine excuse will regretfully be seen under the heading, I WISH I HAD NEVER SAID THAT.

The time spent at an old fashion family picnic is evil if it keeps a person from discharging his duty to God. What shall we then say of television, theater, carnal literature, and the like? All of these are unmasked and announced thieves of time, and to allow these things to steal from us time which we owe God, is equal to leaving the burglars the key to our home while we are away. There are one hundred and sixty eight hours in a week, and if a person attended all the regular services of his church he would spend approximately five hours per week in the house of God. Apart from providential leave it is the Christian’s duty to be in every service of his church, and we need to keep in mind that God knows the difference between His providence and our perfidy. It is the member who attends consistently that realizes, he is yet an unprofitable servant, for he knows he has done no more than that which was his duty to do (Luke 17:10). He also knows, if he fails in this part of his duty, he will be less likely to succeed in any other.

The Christian may become careless in punctuality, and form a habit of tardiness. Such a habit is never more malicious, nor the person more guilty of time stealing than when repeatedly late for church service. There are occasions when Divine providence hinders, resulting in late arrival, but let us not compound guilt by blaming God for human dilatoriness. It is the general rule that when a person is late for church services he adversely diverts the attention of at least a few people in the assembly for a few minutes. Ascertain the number of people distracted by the late-comer, multiply that number by the number of minutes their attention was interrupted, and the total will be the measure of time stolen from them by the unthinking and careless person. The aggravation is furthered, for the usual thing is, the speaker is momentarily distracted by the tardy person, which results in the whole assembly suffering an undue loss of time. The tardy person has unlawfully and permanently taken away part of the most important commodity God has given to man, time. The eternal law says, ‘Thou shall not steal.” And this law applies to time as well as money. The habitual time thief knows there is no human court to which he is amenable for his theft, so all corrective admonitions fall on deaf ears, and he merrily continues his repulsive habit. However, there is a court to which he has been summoned, and in which appearance he will not be one second late. In that court he will be caused to see his abuse of time, and the harm he did to others by it. “So then everyone of us shall give an account of himself unto God” (Romans 14:12).

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By Oscar B. Mink

For The Hazard Herald

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