Jenkins will hold reenactment

Staff Report

The sounds of muskets and cannons will reverberate once again at Pound Gap on August 6 and 7, as they were over one hundred and fifty years ago, during the Civil War. The reenactment will be held at the Little Shepherd Amphitheater near Jenkins. Signs will be posted to make it easy to find. The public is invited to attend. Saturday, Aug. 6 main events are a Ladies’ Tea at 12 o’clock, a battle at 2 pm, and the Little Shepherd Drama at 8 pm. On Sunday, Aug. 7, there will be a church service at 10 am, and a 2 pm battle.

Period clothing and food will be available for purchase. Visit with reenactors, some of whom look like they came from the Civil War. Watch the battle, with muskets and cannons on both sides, and stay for the Little Shepherd Drama in the evening.

This reenactment will be in a historic area. Pound Gap changed hands several times during the war. Future president Garfield led troops to drive the Confederates from the gap. John Hunt Morgan came through the gap on his raids, and General Marshall led troops through it into and out of Kentucky.

Call Greg Bentley at 606- 312-2080 for more information.

Staff Report

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