‘Summer in the Park’ celebrates 10 years

Ten years ago, a citizen’s committee formed to design and stage an arts festival that would bring renewed interest in our local treasure, Bobby Davis Museum and Park. With a whole lotta help from some friends, they were able to gather local arts, including visual (paintings and photography), folk art and music, and a children’s play presented by the newly formed, Little Theatre of Hazard (LTH) Youth Players, along with art filled activities for kids. Originally, kid’s activities were included to give the adults a chance to appreciate the showings of fine art, but have become one of the major attractions at the festival over time. We encourage artists to share information, or even demonstrations of their art.

In 2006, the LTH Youth Players performed Geoff Bamber’s “Butterfly Shoes,” and in honor of the tenth festival, the same play will be presented this year. In 2013, the Youth Players created their own spin off, the LTH Teen Players. An additional play was added to the festival for the Teen Players. In the first nine years, over 130 children have participated in the plays, along with as many of their parents we could lasso in, and with LTH directors and crews. Auditions for this year’s shows, both youth and teens, will be held May 4, 5 and 7 at the Greg Clay Stage in the old roquet field at the park.

The committee is at work on making this our best festival yet. If you would like to show, sell, or demonstrate your art media, we want to talk to you! We are always looking for new artists, and have had hand-made furniture as well as chainsaw carving! Local authors are invited to bring your works to sell, and possibly give a reading, if that appeals to you. We also welcome other performance artists as well. In the past, we have had tumblers, praise teams, and musicians from Cowan Creek Mountain School of Music in Letcher county. Contact Terry Thies at grwow@hotmail.com, or 606-436-2848 for information, including artists, volunteers, and other interested people.

The tenth Summer in the Park festival will be June 27th from 3pm until the plays are concluded. As always, the festival will take place at Bobby Davis Park, 234 Walnut St in Hazard.

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