A Spirit of Giving

Staff Report

Imagine that the Spirit of Christmas actually did last all year bringing happiness and the Spirit of Giving to others. That very idea was exactly the motivation for organizing Coal For Kids.

During the Christmas Season of 2009, a group of Perry County coal miners who had participated in a “Shop With a Miner” event expressed they would like to be able to help students all year. From that thoughtful concern and Spirit of Giving, Coal For Kids has provided clothing, shoes and food to over 8,000 children and has put more than $640,000 back into our local economy since 2009.

The Board of Coal For Kids is dedicated to keeping the organization alive with this Spirit of Giving even with the recent economic downturn and loss of jobs. These conditions make the work of Coal For Kids even more important.

Maybe you can remember when you or your children wanted the same shoes or clothes the other children had. Maybe you can remember wearing a pair of shoes that were a little too big or a little too small or a little too worn because they weren’t really yours but had been handed down again and again. Maybe you can remember being cold without a warm coat or feeling “out of style.” Maybe you can remember being hungry because there wasn’t quite enough food at home. Coal For Kids does make a difference to many children who are experiencing these realities.

This Christmas Season the Coal For Kids Board would like to thank all who have helped in any way and to wish everyone the Blessings of Christmas and The Spirit of Love and Joy.

Staff Report

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