InVision discusses future plans

HAZARD — InVision Hazard held a summit on Jan. 27 to discuss ideas for revitalizing the downtown area. Everyone was invited to attend, who might have interest in joining the campaign to revitalize downtown. The attendees took a walking tour of Main Street and were briefed on the positives and negatives facing downtown development. After the walking tour, everyone entered City Hall, where they engaged in a roundtable discussion about ways the obstacles that are hindering Hazard from progress can be overcome.

The meeting room was filled with local government officials, representatives from community organizations and citizens with general interest in future downtown plans. Utilizing and promoting Bobby Davis Park more frequently for events is among many action items to develop as a result of the meeting. An art mural is underway on High Street and is scheduled for completion in the coming week with weather permitting. InVision hopes to have several revitalization efforts completed in time for the opening of the ArtStation on Main Street. The ArtStation received funding last year to help with the building renovations. As of now, plans are still intact for the ArtStation to open, fully functional in the near future.

Sam Neace can be reached at 606-629-3243 or on Twitter @HazardHerald.

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