Resolution 101 up for vote

Courtesy photo | The Kentucky Capitol building in Frankfort.

FRANKFORT — House Resolution 101, which is a resolution introduced by State Rep. Fitz Steele, was passed by the House Natural Resources and Environment Committee on Feb. 18 and will now go before the Kentucky House of Representatives for their discussion and approval. If approved, the bill will then travel onward to the Kentucky State Senate for vote.

Resolution 101 will direct the Legislative Research Commission to establish the Abandoned and Free-Roaming Horse Task Force. The purpose of the task force is to study issues regarding abandoned and free-roaming horses and to develop consensus legislative recommendations to address those issues. The commission will also name the membership of the task force, which must meet three times before submitting its legislative recommendations. The legislative recommendations of the task force shall be submitted to the Legislative Research Commission by Nov. 30. The Legislative Research Commission also has authority to alternatively assign the issues identified in the Resolution to interim joint committees or subcommittees thereof.

This bill, if passed into law, will be significant in terms of caring for horses in the state that do not have owners, or horses that have been abandoned by their owners. With initiatives in the works, such as the developing Appalachian Horse Center, the resolution could open new doors for the government and equine care facilities to work together on providing safe haven for horses in need of sanctuary and structure. Resolution 101 was introduced in the House on Jan. 28. Kentucky’s General Assembly will remain in session through April, voting on key pieces of legislature.

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Courtesy photo | The Kentucky Capitol building in Frankfort. photo | The Kentucky Capitol building in Frankfort.
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