Conn’s assets unfrozen with stipulations

PRESTONSBURG – Two things saw movement following the conclusion of Friday’s court hearing to determine the fate of attorney Eric C. Conn’s assets – Floyd Circuit Judge Johnny Ray Harris ruled that Conn’s assets be partially unfrozen and Prestonsburg attorney Ned Pillersdorf , who is representing or seeking representation for the 1,500 effected by the Conn case, filed pleadings Monday in Floyd Circuit Court seeking a prejudgment attachment of Conn’s assets along with a motion to compel the Stanville attorney to advise what assets he owns.

The pleadings were filed in the cases of the estates of Leroy Burchett and Melissa Jude, the two former Conn clients who took their own lives after losing their benefit payments.

Pillersdorf also counts a status quo order from Harris that will assist in seeing lawyers volunteering to take on cases for those affected as a victory for the defense.

“Judge Harris just entered a status quo order that granted us most of the relief we sought,” Pillersdorf said shortly after the hearing. “

Conn’s assets were ordered partially unfrozen following the dissolving of the restraining order with the stipulations that Conn not destroy documents and specially prohibiting him from “transferring, encumbering, or disposing of any assets.”

Conn’s attorney Joseph Lambert said Friday Conn “has no intention whatsoever of doing any of those things.”

In addition to the motions already filed by Pillersdorf is another motion to consolidate the Burchett and Jude estate cases into the same litigation against Conn and his law office.

Pillersdorf views this as a positive for the defense, as well.

“While these motions do not directly involve the class action pending against Conn,” Pillersdorf said, “ if we prevail in the attachment motions, it may preserve the ability to eventually seize whatever assets Conn has in all of the pending cases against him.”

The motions are scheduled to be heard on July 6 at 9 a.m. in Floyd Circuit Court.

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