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By Sam Neace - [email protected]

Courtesy photo | Lost Creek Fire Dept.

LOST CREEK — Forest fires once again ravaged the mountains of Perry County on April 2, with blazes striking the Lost Creek community from both the upper and lower sections. Firefighters and Division of Forestry officials worked through the night to try and keep the flames away from homes.

On Upper Lost Creek, fallen trees severed a power line, which sparked a fire that quickly spread to a nearby parked car. The car burst into flames that burned hot enough and high enough to ignite a trailer sitting in the same vicinity. According to the reports the Hazard Herald received, no one was present on the property when the fire started. Upon their arrival at the scene, firefighters discovered that the car and the trailer were inaccessible because of a slip that blocked the driveway. Firefighters battled the blaze, regardless, and were eventually able to calm the situation.

The fire on Lower Lost Creek actually began over the mountain at the airport and spread into the Lost Creek community. A firefighter with Lost Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue said there was a third fire burning between the other two, in the middle section of Lost Creek, before the night was finished.

Forest fires also threatened Hazard, with firefighters responding to calls coming from within city limits. The Hazard Herald has received no reports of major injuries resulting from the fires. Arson is suspected with each of these incidents.

On the night of April 4, an abandoned building in Walkertown caught fire. Firefighters were on the scene, but despite their effort and hard work, the building continued to burn through the night. The cause of the Walkertown fire is unknown at this time.

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Courtesy photo | Lost Creek Fire Dept. photo | Lost Creek Fire Dept.

By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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