MSU confirms 4.5 percent cut

Staff Report

MOREHEAD – Morehead State University received a copy of a letter from Governor Bevin ordering the Finance and Administration Cabinet to withhold 4.5 percent of all state universities’ 2015-16 appropriation allocation. Bevin’s order means that MSU’s fourth quarter allocation, which was available to the institution on April 1, 2016, was reduced by $1,950,300 or 4.5 percent of the institution’s entire annual state appropriation for 2015-16.

In a communication to the campus, President Wayne D. Andrews encouraged faculty and staff to stay focused on serving students:

“I continue to carefully monitor the work in Frankfort and am preparing to make the strategic budget decisions necessary to address this cut as well as any other changes that may be included in a final budget. It is most critical that we all stay focused on the work at hand, which is student success. I will provide more details on the budget situation as they become available in the coming days and weeks. Thank you for your patience, focus and good work in serving MSU students.”

Regarding the budget status, Andrews said, “While I am disappointed that consensus has not yet been achieved on a budget, I appreciate the House’s position to preserve funding for postsecondary education. The hard work and genuine desire by members in both chambers and the Governor to find common ground and resolve outstanding issues provides hope that a solution might be found.”

In March, MSU announced a plan for an employee furlough to take place at the end of the fiscal year in anticipation of the 4.5 percent cut. The plan calls for all staff and administrators to take one unpaid furlough day during each of the last five bimonthly pay periods ending June 30, 2016. In the plan, faculty would take a non-recurring salary reduction equal to five contract days in fiscal year 2016-17.

Staff Report

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