Some people consider planning for a funeral to be an eerie experience. Others never think about the subject at all. However, we should consider the final celebration of our lives because planning and paying for a funeral can be burdensome to our loved ones if we are not prepared, and besides, we live in a culture that has always respected the ritual nature of funerals. For example, we live in one of very few places in all of the world where oncoming traffic will pull over and wait as a funeral procession passes.

Statistics show that a majority of people are not prepared to plan a funeral when a loved one passes away. Yet, when asked about the topic, most people also say that they want the funeral for a loved one to be special and personalized to fit that particular loved ones personality.

It is often said that funerals are for the living, and in many ways this statement is true. However, a personalized and meaningful funeral actually helps the grieving family members and friends mourn and cope with their suffering. A personalized funeral helps define the life of the person who has passed away and thus helps give those left behind a greater perspective of the impact that life made. This perspective is also further understood by members of the community, who might not have known the deceased as personally as family. In essence, a meaningful funeral helps establish a legacy within the community.

Individuals tend to want every aspect of their time to fit their personalities. Whether the event is a birth, a wedding, an anniversary or even something as standard as choosing new wallpaper for a dining room. A funeral is a big event that often times lacks this personalized appeal, not because people do not want the funeral to be meaningful, but more so because they rarely think about it until the time has come.

It is never too soon to start planning, and during that planning; why not take steps to make the event exactly what you want it to be? Engle-Bowling Funeral Home can assist with this planning. Engle-Bowling Funeral Home believes each service is special and each person unique. For more information, visit Engle-Bowling Funeral Home online at or give them a call at (606) 436-2131.

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