People over 50 face a lot of serious decisions. Sadly it can be a time when loved ones pass on. The truth is, all of us, no matter what age, are wise to be ready when it comes our time to cross over to the other side. Perry County is home to several cemeteries. Perhaps your family has a cemetery where generations of kin are resting in peace. But have you ever considered what might happen if you do not have a family cemetery?

Riverside Cemetery in Hazard is unique for more reasons than simply its beautiful landscape. Riverside has been a final resting place for people throughout the Hazard area for decades. This cemetery is also one of the few in Perry County that is established for the public, instead of belonging to one particular family. The fact that Riverside is not private makes its upkeep throughout all the years of its existence even more fascinating.

Riverside is not a perpetual care cemetery. In other words, there is no commissioned staff, which cuts the grass or keeps the grounds clean. Instead, the cemetery is maintained by volunteers and family members of the deceased. The results have been remarkable, considering that the work is done by people who are not paid. Riverside remains a pretty and peaceful piece of property, as it has for decades, right beside the highway in the Wabaco section of Hazard.

On any given sunny afternoon, people can be seen walking through Riverside Cemetery. The experience is like taking a stroll through pieces of Perry County’s history. Not everyone knows where their final resting place will be. Truthfully, the subject is one many people avoid. However, when the time comes, it is best to be prepared. Finding a place of burial for a loved one at the last moment can be a difficult task. When making plans for what your family should do once your time on Earth has ended, the first decision should be where you will be laid to rest.

Those who choose Riverside Cemetery have the ability to secure that final resting place now. Kenneth Hall is the overseer of Riverside Cemetery. He can be reached at 606-216-5787 for further details. Riverside Cemetery is also open to volunteers who are looking to help preserve the cemetery’s peacefulness and beauty. If you or a group you are involved in are interested, give Kenneth Hall a call.

People living over 50 want to enjoy their time. No one of any age wants to think about what might happen when they or their loved ones pass away. The smartest plan is to go ahead and take care of as many details as possible so that, when you are over 50, you can get busy living without worrying about dying.

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