Perry Co. braces for heavy rain

Flood and mudslide threats high

Perry County — Heavy rain showers moved through Southeastern Kentucky over the weekend, producing high water and creating mudslides in some areas of Perry County. The baseball field at Buckhorn School received damage from water. The Buckhorn Volunteer Fire Department arrived on the school’s campus after the water receded to clear mud and debris from the parking lot. Over at Duff’s Bay Marina on Buckhorn Lake, officials are keeping a close eye on the rising water in hopes that no damage is done to the docks.

Mudslides were another issue. Reports of major road blockages came from other counties in the region, such as Harlan and Johnson. However, Perry County also experienced mudslides occurring at homes and on some of the side roads. In a few of the situations, the slides were extensive enough to call for assistance from heavy equipment. None of the Perry County slides caused any injury that has been reported so far. Due to mudslides and overflowing streams and ditches, several side roads were blocked for a considerable period of time, and those roads were covered with mud, tree branches and debris after the flood waters rushed away.

Heading into the first work week of May, the weather forecast remains a concern, as the creeks and rivers are still swelled and the ground continues to be saturated from the downpours that moved through the area over the weekend. As of Monday, the threat for potential flooding is high.

An estimated one to two additional inches of rain are forecasted for the beginning of the week, which could create dangerous situations for territories that are prone to flash flooding. Throughout the middle of the week, occasional showers could pop-up and prolong the hazardous conditions. The next round of sunshine and warm temperatures are forecasted for this weekend.

Never drive into water that is covering a roadway, and if you live in an area that is vulnerable to flooding, stay aware of the situation and leave for higher ground if the weather is producing prime conditions for a possible flash flood. Remember you can always call 911 in case of emergencies.

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Flood and mudslide threats high
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