Local man arrested on drug trafficking charges

By TJ Caudill - [email protected]

HAZARD — A man from the City of Hazard was arrested after Hazard Police Department say he was trafficking in a controlled substance on the premises of the Pantry Shelf.

Joseph King, 33, of Hazard allegedly met another male in the Pantry Shelf parking lot and began discussing meth with the other male.

HPD Sgt. Adam Baker heard the exchange between the two males, a police citation says.

According to Sgt. Baker, King told the other male to wait in the parking lot and that King would bring the meth back.

Sgt. Baker said he heard the other male ask King if the meth was good, and King responded ‘Trust me, you’re gonna want more if it after you do it.’

According to the citation, King left for a few minutes and returned to the vehicle the other male was in. The citation says King got into the backseat of the van and exchanged the meth with the other male.

King then walked into the Pantry Shelf and Sgt. Baker said himself, along with another officer, retrieved the meth from the male in the van.

The citation says when police went to question King, officers noticed he was under the influence.

Upon arrest, Sgt. Baker said they found a 2mg Xanax in a Tylenol bottle in King’s pocket.

King was arrested and transported to Kentucky River Regional Jail where he was lodged in.

He is facing charges of first-degree and first offense trafficking in a controlled substance (meth) less than two grams, public intoxication and third-degree possession of a controlled substance.

TJ Caudill is a reporter with The Hazard Herald and he can be reached at 606-629-3245.

By TJ Caudill

[email protected]

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