Mullins innocent of charges

By Sam Neace - [email protected]

HAZARD — Earlier this year, the Hazard Herald published a Letter to the Editor written by Parma Lee Mullins, a 69-year old resident of Hazard and long-time member of Wabaco Church. The letter detailed an incident, which occurred in December of 2015, when Mullins was pulled over by Hazard Police in rainy and foggy conditions on her way to buy ingredients for Christmas candy, then arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. The Hazard Herald also published a report on Mullins’s appearence in court, which resulted in her hearing being delayed, and the Hazard City Commission meeting, in which family members and representatives of Wabaco Church addressed their concerns over the way Parma Lee Mullins was treated during the arrest process.

Mullins spent the night in the Kentucky River Regional Jail, and although she paid to have a toxicology test administered by her family doctor, which showed no alcohol or narcotics in her system, her court hearing was still delayed because of a state policy which requires the police and the court to go through Frankfort for toxicology reports pertaining to DUI cases. The results from toxicology tests submitted to Frankfort often take up to five or six months to return. In the meantime, Mullins and her supporters hoped that her name could be cleared and all charges against her dropped.

Frankfort has finally released the results of the toxicology test Parma Lee Mullins received on the night of her arrest, and the report confirms that Mullins did not have any intoxicating substances in her system at the time of her arrest. Her charges have been dropped and her name is cleared.

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By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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