Tech company looking to hire in East KY

By Sam Neace -

According to the website for the Interapt Company, “Interapt is expanding into Eastern Kentucky and looking for men and women who have the aptitude for high tech jobs, but lack the work experience or skills needed to get hired.

Candidates accepted into TechHire Eastern Kentucky (TEKY) will be paid to learn coding, work at an internship, and be hired as a full-time employee upon successful completion of the internship.”

This project was discussed at last week’s SOAR Summit in Pikeville. Interested applicants can find more information about Interapt, or apply for poisitons, by logging onto and clicking on the TEKY tab at the top of the homepage.

This is part of the information about Interapt provided on the website, “Our work focuses on implementing new technologies in the workplace, enriching customer and employee engagement, solving operational challenges, and securing new opportunities. We’ve partnered with companies from the Fortune 500 through small and mid-sized businesses in Healthcare, Media, Fast Food, Insurance, Utilities and Government.”

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By Sam Neace

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