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By Sam Neace - [email protected]

Photo by Sam Neace | AG Beshear with reps. from The Rising Center in Hazard.

HAZARD — Kentucky’s Attorney General Andy Beshear made his second trip to Hazard within about one month’s time Wednesday to address attendees of a conference at HCTC focusing on how to provide treatment for, and eventually bring an end to, child sexual abuse. Cory Jewell Jensen, M.S, a nationally recognized child advocate and the co-director of the Center for Behavioral Intervention led the conference.

Several representatives from local organizations were present as Jensen taught participants methods to protect children from abuse. The training is being held across the state in each of the 15 Area Development Districts in coordination with the 15 Child Advocacy Centers. This training is for prosecutors, law enforcement, child and victim advocates, religious affiliates, medical personnel, educators and others who are in a position to protect children. Attorney General Beshear stopped by to show his thanks to advocates of the cause.

“Thank God you are here because that next child needs your help,” Beshear told the crowd, “I know you show up every day ready to provide that service. You do an amazing service.”

HCTC served as one of three stops Beshear scheduled in this region Wednesday; one in Harlan and two in Hazard.

“I wanted to do this job not only so I can better protect my own children but also all of Kentucky’s children and Kentucky’s families,” Beshear said, “We spend a vast majority of time on preventing and prosecuting child abuse, protecting our seniors against scam and abuse, seeking justice for victims of rape and sexual assault and finding workable solutions to our drug epidemic.”

Prior to his engagement at HCTC, Beshear visited New Hope Church in Hazard to meet with senior citizens at regional Senior Safety Day, where a discussion was held about Scam Alerts, a consumer protection service created by the AG’s office that alerts Kentuckians when con artists are on the attack. Later in the day, Beshear attended a Rotary meeting in Harlan.

Following his address at HCTC, Beshear told the Hazard Herald, “The three events we are doing today are phenomenal. It was great to talk with the seniors earlier about the Scam Alert program. I’m thrilled at what we are going to be able to do getting this information out to people. It’s great to be here in Hazard again. We plan on coming back often.”

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Photo by Sam Neace | AG Beshear with reps. from The Rising Center in Hazard. by Sam Neace | AG Beshear with reps. from The Rising Center in Hazard.

By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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