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Courtesy picture | The movie poster for Never Me: The Debby Terry Story.

HAZARD — A docudrama film shot in eastern Kentucky and produced by Kentucky River Community Care, Inc. (KRCC) will have its regional premiere at the Perry County Public Library on Fri., Aug. 19.

“Never Me: The Debby Terry Story” — written and directed by Charles Shouse, who also produced the film alongside KRCC’s Charles Boggs and Pearlie Wooton — will be shown to a local audience for the first time. It’s the second feature-length film from KRCC, following the successful “iGirl: A Teen Survival Guide,” and for its media wing, Caney Digital Media.

Shot last summer in Breathitt County, “Never Me” takes a brutally honest look at substance abuse and addiction, telling the true-life story of former addict Debby Terry, who overcame significant odds to become the first former felon ever hired by KRCC. The film features interviews with Terry and dramatizations of her life, leading to her eventual rise as KRCC’s lead Peer Support Specialist, helping others to claim lives in recovery.

Local actors Tasha Coleman, Grace Asher, and Jason Crowe star in the lead roles.

Shouse’s previous films include “Forever in Black Hills,” released in 2005, “The Untold Story of Bad Tom Smith,” released in 2013, and “Hicky: The Hillbilly Vampire,” released in 2015. The KRCC film “iGirl: A Teen Survival Guide,” helmed by Shouse in 2010, won five national video production awards and continues to be utilized by schools and other community organizations throughout the area.

“The outpouring of love and support for Debby has been amazing,” Shouse said. “Her story is so powerful, and it’s touched so many lives. Debby Terry is a true inspiration and a survivor.”

Just last year, Debby Terry was awarded the prestigious Peer Excellence Award from KYSTARS for Mental Health.

“As a 30-year addict, I saw nothing but torment. For me to have something good come out of that amazes me,” Terry said.

When it comes to the film about her life, Terry said she hopes it helps other addicts to know they are not alone and that they can turn their lives around by reaching out for help.

“The story is mine, but it’s not all about me,” Terry said. “It’s all about the people I want to hear my story and say, ‘Well, she did it. If she did it, I can.’”

“Never Me: The Debby Terry Story” makes its debut to a regional audience on Friday, Aug. 19, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Perry County Public Library. The screening is free and open to the public. A reception will follow, as well as a question-and-answer session with KRCC Executive Director/CEO Mary Meade-McKenzie and the film’s director, producers, cast members, and Debby Terry herself.

Kentucky River Community Care, Inc. operates offices in eight Kentucky River counties, serving the behavioral and mental health needs of its communities. KRCC also connects people to services and resources to meet basic needs, including housing, crisis services, and health care. To find out more, visit

Courtesy picture | The movie poster for Never Me: The Debby Terry Story. picture | The movie poster for Never Me: The Debby Terry Story.

Staff report

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