Passport Health Plan partners with Kentucky chapter of the American Diabetes Association

Effort aimed at reducing diabetes and improving health outcomes in Commonwealth

Staff Report

LOUISVILLE – Passport Health Plan – a provider-sponsored, non-profit, community-based health plan

administering Medicaid benefits to nearly 300,000 Kentuckians – has signed on as a Kentucky sponsor of the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

“Kentucky is currently ranked near the bottom nationally among residents who have diabetes,” said Mark B. Carter, CEO of Passport Health

Plan. “Through this partnership, we hope to raise awareness about good nutrition, exercise and other steps Kentuckians can take to avoid the onset of this disease. We will also be working to assist the ADA in promoting preventive care for those already diagnosed. For instance, annual eye exams and foot care are critical in maintaining health and quality of life for people who have diabetes.”

“In order to make a difference for the almost-600,000 Kentuckians and their families who have diabetes, the American Diabetes Association needs the support of both individuals and corporations in our Commonwealth. We are ecstatic that a company like Passport has agreed to partner with us to serve both those who have this disease and those who have it and remain undiagnosed,” said Stewart Perry, past national chairman of the ADA. “We congratulate Passport and CEO Mark Carter for their commitment to moving diabetes in Kentucky forward. This commitment on their part will pay large dividends for the diabetes community.”

Through this partnership, Passport and the ADA will partner on multiple community events and programs across the state that will benefit close to 600,000 Kentuckians affected by diabetes and over 1.1 million at risk

for diabetes. The community events and programs address the seriousness of diabetes prevention and management, as well as teaching the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Events to raise awareness include:

* “Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes,” on September 24 in Louisville

*“I Decided To Stop Diabetes,” in Lexington on November 19

* “National Healthy Lunch Day,” on November 15

*And many other events all around the Commonwealth

“Support in the form of sponsorship from companies engaged in the health and well-being of their employees and the community as a whole is vital to the American Diabetes Association mission,” said Lisa Edwards, ADA Director of Development. “The American Diabetes Association is thrilled to have Passport Health Plan support our Kentucky offices as we work towards a future free of diabetes and all of its burdens.”

Effort aimed at reducing diabetes and improving health outcomes in Commonwealth

Staff Report

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