Bridge dedicated to local couple

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Bridge dedicated to Denver and Irene Miniard.

The bridge at the junction of Hwy. 7/6999 at Cornettsville was recently named in honor of the late Denver and Irene Miniard. As a young couple, they established a general store at this junction in 1934. While operating a store, both taught school at various times and locations. Irene rode horse back to a one-room school and taught at the age of twenty. Denver taught school at Viper and Klenco. During their educations, they attended various schools including Pine Mountain, Berea, Stuart, Robinson and eastern State Teachers College.

In their active lifetimes, they were involved in all aspects of community development. Many of Denver’s interests included the development of the Miniard farm in the early 1940s. He was a breeder of Hereford cattle, a soil conservation member, magistrate, and had many other interests vital to the developing area. Both Irene and Denver were instrumental in the development of the Bethana Baptist Church. The church started in one room of their store in the early 1940s. Denver was a deacon at the church and Irene taught Sunday school for forty years. Irene, as a DAR member, helped write the Perry County A History. She especially enjoyed the women’s church activities at the farm’s restored family cabin. They were noted for helping the citizens of the area during the trying times of World War II. Their ability to be of assistance in times of critical need is especially noteworthy.

They were especially interested in seeing that young people received the education they deserved. Many local children received from them financial aid and encouragement in their educational pursuits. In their later years, the Leatherwood/Blackey Health Clinic and the Cornettsville Fire Department were developed with their help and interest. Following the passing of Denver and Irene, other items of importance have developed as a result of hard work, a keen interest in the Cornettsville and Leatherwood areas, and improving eastern Kentucky life. This sign was placed to memorialize their life time of community efforts.

Bridge dedicated to Denver and Irene Miniard. dedicated to Denver and Irene Miniard.

Staff Report

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