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By Sam Neace - [email protected]

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HAZARD — The Perry County Fiscal Court met on Sept. 13 to vote on several different agenda items. Judge Exec. Scott Alexander was present for the meeting along with all three magistrates; Keith Miller Dist. 1, Ronald Combs Dist. 2 and Kenny Cole Dist. 3. County Attorney John Carl Shackelford also attended the meeting.

Among the most notable topics of discussion was the Fort Branch Water Project. In 2013 a grant was developed to bring public water to Fort Branch. The 2013 block grant, which was developed in partnership with KRADD, called for a 50/50 match from the Perry County Fiscal Court. Sign-ups have begun for potential customers. Angelia Hall of KRADD was on the agenda for payment requests involving the project. The requests were approved by the Fiscal Court, pending the receiving of funds. When these payments are made the Fort Branch Water Project can be manifested in accordance with the requirements of the block grant.

The Fiscal Court was given an assessment of grant proposals by Benny Hamilton. The county has several grant proposals in the works. Magistrate Miller asked about clarification with the requirements of matching grants. Hamilton informed the court the county’s obligation to meet the match on a grant is required or else the grant money will have to be returned. However, Hamilton noted that, as opposed to cash, he is seeking in-kind methods of meeting the match on some grant proposals and he is also seeking future grants where no match is necessary. With budgetary issues facing the county, Miller wanted to make sure grant requirements did not exceed financial limitations. Hamilton also gave a report about the bids for a water project. The Fiscal Court voted in approval of the report by Hamilton.

The Fiscal Court voted to take the compensated rate with taxes. This is the same policy the Fiscal Court has practiced in previous years. So, the tax policy in Perry County remains the same this year as it was last year. Talk has loomed about a possible payroll tax. However, no vote on any additional taxes was held at the Sept. 13 Fiscal Court meeting.

Favorable reports were given by the 911 and the Sheriff’s departments, as well as the Conservation District. At the end of the meeting, Miller made a motion to give a raise to one of the county workers, Kenny Cole, based on the grounds that he was making less than three other workers in the same position with the county. The Fiscal Court voted to to approve.

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Courtesy photo | Perry County Courthouse photo | Perry County Courthouse

By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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