Motorcycle stunt championship coming to Hazard

By Sam Neace - [email protected]

Photo courtesy of SBFC | The SBFC national finals are this weekend in the Perry County Park.

HAZARD — Folks in the mountains are gearing-up for an action packed weekend, as Hazard becomes all about motorcycles Sept. 30 through Oct. 2. The Street Bike Freestyle Championship Stunt Competition is coming to the Perry County Park. This event is the national championship for SBFC. The best of the best in motorcycle stunt riding will be rolling into town this week.

How did Hazard land the national championship competition? The answer to this question is Perry County native Bill Dixon.

“I started out here in Perry County,” said Dixon, “I started stunt riding because there was a group here called the Road Hazards. I moved away to Florida because I saw there was an opportunity there to make money. So, I did it for a living for awhile and then I got sponsored by Yamaha.”

The sponsorship for Yamaha was well worth it, as Dixon proceeded to win several Stunt Wars championships. Dixon also earned four consecutive championships competing in the HDL Series.

“In 2012 they stopped doing it,” Dixon said of the national stunt circuit, “So, In 2013, 2014 and 2015, there was no competition. I didn’t want to see it die, and without competition, there is no sport. So, I said, I’ve got to do something.”

What Dixon did was rekindle the street bike freestyle circuit. Prior to the Hazard event, a big showcase was held in Wisconsin.

“I travel all over the place,” Dixon said, “But I hardly ever get to do a show in Kentucky. People keep asking me when I am going to do a show close to home. When this came along, I saw the opportunity to do something cool here in Hazard.”

More than 70 riders from around the world will be competing for ultimate glory in Hazard this weekend. Bill Dixon, himself, is going to present a special stunt show at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. However, the competition and Dixon’s performance are only part of a much larger event that spans the course of an entire weekend.

The championship competitions will charge admission. However, all of the Friday events are free.

“At 6:30 p.m. on Friday we are going to be doing a parade all over town,” said Dixon, “From the park, we’re going to go through Airport Gardens, on through town all the way to the Glomar Bridge and then back down Hwy. 15 over the bypass and back into the park. The cops are going to be leading us, and the riders are going to be popping wheelies and doing stunts through the parade.”

Riders are invited to cruise through the park and enter their bikes in the Best Looking Bike Show by The Fallen Kings, with $250 awarded to first prize. There will be an R/C car demo at the new track located inside the Perry County Park. Vendors and food booths will also be open.

At the competitions, the audience will be treated to the kind of motorcycle stunts that no amateur should try at home. The contests feature a stunt course, bunny hop competition, circle challenge and drift limbo, where riders see how low they can go drifting on their motorcycles beneath a limbo bar.

This weekend the most extreme eyes in motorcycle stunt riding will be focused on Hazard. More information about SBFC and obtaining tickets for the event can be found at

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Photo courtesy of SBFC | The SBFC national finals are this weekend in the Perry County Park. courtesy of SBFC | The SBFC national finals are this weekend in the Perry County Park.

By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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