Amis addresses retirement rumor

By Sam Neace -

HAZARD — Former Perry County Schools Superintendent John Paul Amis reached out to the Hazard Herald recently to address a rumor he says is surrounding the current campaigns for positions on the School Board, which are up for election on Nov. 8.

“There is no way I am going to return to work in the Perry County School System in any capacity,” said Amis, “There is no possible scenario that would get me to return in any capacity.”

According to Amis, there is talk on the streets about him coming out of retirement and he believes a rumor of this nature could sway the opinions of some voters. Amis says he wants to address this issue because he fears it might deter from campaign messages pertaining to the agendas board candidates actually hope to implement during their upcoming terms, which will begin in January of 2017.

“During the past four years, I have been retired, I haven’t had a conversation with any school official, board member or prospective board member about returning to work in any capacity,” said Amis.

Amis served a little over 18 years as Superintendent of Perry County Schools. Amis says, for him, highlights of his tenure include Perry Central High School’s construction, as well as construction for a new facility at Buckhorn, renovations at Robinson Elementary and the beginning of development for East Perry Elementary and the new football stadium.

Amis states that he is proud of the years he spent in the Superintendent’s Office, at which time he was able to receive the 2012 Superintendent of the Year Award in Kentucky, as well as one year with the Transportation Dept. ranking top in the state. He also says serving a term as President of the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents and Chairman of the Kentucky Educational Development Cooperative are experiences he will always cherish. However, Amis claims a new chapter in his life has opened; one which he greatly enjoys, and although he thanks the community for allowing him to serve, his service is finished and he has no desire to return.

“I am greatly enjoying retirement and it doesn’t help me personally, professionally or financially to return to the Perry County School System and I am not interested in returning.”

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By Sam Neace

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