Santa Claus has come to town

By Sam Neace - [email protected]

Photo by Sam Neace | Santa waves to the people passing by on Hwy. 15.

HAZARD — Santa Claus is a busy man this time of year. However, his hectic schedule does not prevent him from spending quality time in one of his favorite towns; Hazard, Kentucky. In the weeks leading up to Christmas Eve, Santa can be spotted in Hazard almost every day.

Maybe Hazard requires extra attention because an abundance of local boys and girls are on the Nice List. Or perhaps Santa enjoys visiting our little town because he receives such a warm welcome.

When he is here, Santa gets to take a break from guiding his bulky sleigh. Throughout town, Santa is seen cruising along on his motorcycle, waving to passing cars, as the wind whips through his fluffy, white whiskers. December might be too cold for most people to take a motorcycle ride, but not Santa. After all, he is from one of the coldest places on Earth; The North Pole.

When Santa is not cruising through town, he can often be found standing in a wide-spot beside Hwy. 15, near the exit from the Hal Rogers Parkway. Santa waves as vehicles greet him with honks from their horns. Sometimes, curious motorists even stop to take pictures with Santa and share their Christmas lists with him.

“The kids really love it,” he said, when a news reporter stopped by on Thursday to tell what he hopes to find under the tree on Christmas morning, “And I love talking to them too and making them happy.”

In fact, Santa likes meeting the people of Hazard so much, he made his appearance an annual tradition. This is the tenth year in a row Santa has ventured through Hazard on his motorcycle.

Some of those, who see him on Hwy. 15, might question, “Is that the real Santa Claus?”

When it comes to a subject as magical as the Spirit of Christmas, the Hazard Herald can neither confirm nor deny such claims. However, we do know for certain that Oscar Sizemore of Lothair plays a pivotal role in bringing the joy of Santa each year to the kids of Hazard, young and old.

Sam Neace can be reached at 606-629-3243 or on Twitter @HazardHerald. Merry Christmas!

Photo by Sam Neace | Santa waves to the people passing by on Hwy. 15. by Sam Neace | Santa waves to the people passing by on Hwy. 15.

By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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