Robbery claim turns into confession, police say

By Sheldon Compton -

HAZARD – It’s not very common that a suspect walks straight into police headquarters, but that’s what happened at the Hazard City Police Department this past week.

Hazard Chief-of-Police Minor Allen said that on Sunday, a man walked into the station and said he had just been robbed of a bank deposit from Burger King.

The man, Jarrett C. Foutch, an employee of Burger King claimed he was taking the night deposit across the bypass to the bank when a man “about seven feet tall” mugged him and took the money, nearly $4,000.

“He said the person was about seven feet tall,” said Allen. “Something about that didn’t add up, and we questioned him and found out it was a staged type of robbery.”

Allen said Foutch confessed to staging the robbery and also admitted that he had spent a good deal of the money, saying he had about $900 left.

Where Allen and his department found the remaining money provided the second surprise in the case.

“Before he came in to say he’d been robbed he hid part of the money in our parking lot,” Allen said. “He said he spent the rest of the money on paying off several other individuals for drug debts.”

Taking the information obtained during Foutch’s confession, police executed three search warrants, recovering an additional $1,800 of the total amount stolen. Allen said this makes four staged robberies such as this latest one in the last four years that his department has been able to uncover.

Foutch was arrested and charged with theft by unlawful taking, tampering with physical evidence, illegal possession of a legend drug, possession of synthetic drugs, and falsely reporting an incident.

Arrested in addition to Foutch, and as a result of searches conducted by the police department were Christopher Charles Hatten and David E. Noble. Both men were charged with individual counts of second-degree robbery.

By Sheldon Compton

Sheldon Compton is a staff writer for The Floyd County Times. He can be reached at (606) 886-8506.

Sheldon Compton is a staff writer for The Floyd County Times. He can be reached at (606) 886-8506.

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