Board votes on Jett’s contract

Board Chair, Vice Chair and Liason chosen

By Sam Neace -

Courtesy photo | Perry County Schools Central Office

HAZARD — The Perry County School Board held a special called meeting Tuesday morning to select the Board’s chairperson, vice chairperson and legislative liaison. The Board also made a decision regarding the Superintendent’s job contract, which expires this year and is due for renewal.

This meeting was not only the first of the new year, but it was also the first for newly elected Board members, Lloyd Engle and Denny Combs. Last week, the Board members who won November’s election, which include Engle, Combs and incumbent Debbie McIntosh, took the Oath of Office and began their terms.

John C. Combs was once again selected as chairperson, a position he has held for nearly 40 years. The Board nominated and elected Debbie McIntosh as vice chairperson. Board member, James Moscrip, received the nomination and vote for legislative liaison.

During the meeting, John C. Combs welcomed Denny Combs and Lloyd Engle to the Board and expressed admiration for both men. Following the selection of officers, the Board went into executive session to discuss the Superintendent position.

When the meeting resumed, the Board voted unanimously to renew the contract of current Superintendent Jonathan Jett for another four years. Jett’s new contract will officially begin on July 1. The details of the contract are still in the drafting process, but the Board said the contract would be completed by the next regularly scheduled meeting and during that meeting Board Members will vote on whether or not to accept the contract’s details. Regardless of how the Board votes on the details, Jett will remain Perry County Schools Superintendent for at least four more years.

“I want to thank the Board,” Jett said at the end of the meeting, “I am confident, with the staff we have, Perry County Schools will continue to move forward. I talk to a lot of Superintendents who aren’t as fortunate as me to have a Board that is helpful, works hard for the kids and allows me and my staff to do our jobs so we can continue to produce positive results.”

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Courtesy photo | Perry County Schools Central Office photo | Perry County Schools Central Office
Board Chair, Vice Chair and Liason chosen

By Sam Neace

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