HPD stats 2016

By Sam Neace - [email protected]

HAZARD — The Hazard Police Dept. has released its annual report. These are some of the statistics.

HPD received 23, 190 calls for service in 2016, which equals nearly 63 calls every day. Officers assisted 2,410 motorists and logged 1,013 alarm responses.

The number of citations issued reached 4,327. Arrests for the year totaled 2,166, with 107 resulting from DUI and 506 of them drug related. HPD served 801 warrants.

Of 429,405.85 reported stolen in Hazard, HPD recovered $402,120.90. A total of 545 cases were worked, with 306 of them being felonies. Officers responded to 517 accidents, only 16 of which were DUI related.

The calls to service for 2016 were up almost 2,000 in number from 2015. DUI arrests remained about the same. Collisions decreased a little less than 100. Citations dropped more than 400. However, nearly 100 more cases were opened.

Hazard Police personnel logged a long list of activities and civic duties performed for 2016. The entire list plus more info on the statistics can be found at hazardpd.org/stats.html.

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By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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