Dist. Gov. Cup winners

Middle grades; 77th, 78th & 79th Districts

By Sam Neace - [email protected]

Courtesy logo | Willard and Hazard Middle School were overall top district winners. All competitors placing in top 5 advance to regionals.

PERRY COUNTY — District Governor’s Cup competition in the Middle Grades division was held last week. Schools in Perry County and Hazard are split into three districts, with Viper and Leatherwood sharing their district with schools in Leslie County. These are the results.

For District 77 Quick Recall, W.B. Muncy finished first. Hayes Lewis earned second. Leatherwood came in third and Viper fourth.

WB Muncy assumed first place honor in Future Problem Solving with Hayes taking second.

Hayden Pratt of Viper won first place in Mathematics, with Mitchell Baker of W.B. Muncy following in second. Trent Asher of W.B. Muncy, Jacob Caldwell of W.B. Muncy and Kenzie Roark Leatherwood complete the top five and will advance on to regionals.

In Science, the top five advancers from first to fifth are Jacob Overbee of Viper Elementary School, Mitchell Baker of W.B. Muncy Elementary, Hayden Pratt of Viper Elementary School, Carson Hurt Hayes of Lewis Elementary and Tanner Wooten Hayes Lewis Elementary.

First place in Social Studies went to John Buckle of W.B. Muncy, Andy Riley of Viper took home second. Gunnar Couch of W.B. Muncy claimed third. Tristan Clark Hayes of Lewis got fourth. Christian Williams of Leatherwood was fifth.

In Language Arts, John Buckle of W.B. Muncy Elementary won first. Angel Lewis of Hayes Lewis Elementary claimed second. Abbi Brock of W.B. Muncy took third. Gabby Cook of Viper Elementary School finished fourth and Jerrica Day of W.B. Muncy completed the top five.

Arts and Humanities saw Andy Riley of Viper claim first. Sanchari Fugate of W.B. Muncy was second. Maddie Raines of W.B. Muncy took third. Mahaley Campbell of Hayes Lewis finished fourth and Macie Moore of Viper will advance to regionals as part of the top five.

The top five in Composition from first to fifth were Sanchari Fugate of W.B. Muncy, Macie Moore of Viper, Abbi Brock of W.B. Muncy, Trent Asher of W.B. Muncy and Sydnee Minks of Viper.

Overall, W.B. Muncy came in first, Viper second, Hayes Lewis third and Leatherwood Elementary School fourth.

For District 78, Willard won first place in Quick Recall over second place R.W. Combs. Chavies claimed third place and Buckhorn finished in fourth.

In Future Problem Solving, Willard once again claimed first place with Chavies scoring second.

Kaige Witt and David Elkins of Willard had a close competition for top honors in Mathematics. Witt took home first place, narrowly beating Elkins in second place with Kameron Maggard of Chavies scoring third and another Willard student, Keliah Adams finishing fourth. Layla Abner of Buckhorn rounded out the top five. In all of the assessment and composition categories, the top five finishers advance to regional competition.

Gavin Bowen of Chavies won first in Science. Haley Gibson of Willard came in second, followed by Layla Abner of Buckhorn in third. Abner’s teammate from Buckhorn, Hannah Brewer, trailed closely behind in fourth place. Hannah Stidham of Willard finished out the advancing top five.

First place in Social Studies went to Chase Calhoun, with Buckhorn’s Annabelle Abner claiming second place. Anthony Couch of Willard finished third. Victoria Walters of Chavies scored fourth place. Connor Ashley of R.W. Combs completed the top five.

In Language Arts, the top five in order from first to fifth are, Alyssa Hall from R.W. Combs, Anthony Couch of Willard, Cortney Clemons of Willard, Kaige Witt of Willard and Victoria Walters of Chavies.

The top honor in Arts and Humanities went to Lucas Gibson of Willard. Morgan Fultz of Chavies came in second, followed by Hannah Brewer of Buckhorn. Connor Ashley and Hope Holbrook, both of R.W. Combs rounded out the top five. Ashley and Holbrook came down to a tie breaker.

Samantha Turner of Chavies won first place in Composition, trailed by David Elkins of Willard in second. Elkins’s teammate from Willard, Kendra Hurt, took home third place. Hope Holbrook of R.W. Combs and Miranda Maggard of Willard finished out the top five, advancing on to regionals.

In District 78, Willard finished first overall. Chavies came in second. R.W. Combs claimed third. Buckhorn scored fourth.

The scores for District 79 are:

Quick Recall: Hazard Middle School first, Robinson second and A.B. Combs third. Hazard Middle School also claimed the top spot in Future Problem Solving.

Hazard Middle School and Robinson dominated Mathematics. Jarrett Napier of Hazard Middle School was the top contender. Emmelee Vanover of Robinson finished second. Hazard Middle School teammates, Matt Williams and Alexa Muha, scored third and fourth. Haylee Turner of Robinson completed the top five.

Abdallah Sher of HMS received first place in Science, with teammate Sarah Campbell in second. Cyliegh Jones of Robinson, Jacob Fields of HMS and Luke Sandlin of East Perry completed the top five, advancing to regionals.

Jarrett Napier of HMS once again secured first place; this time in Social Studies. HMS teammate, Emily Vires finished second. Summer Caudill of A.B. Combs came in third. Tim Allen of A.B. Combs and Chelsea Terry of Robinson tied for fourth place.

Language Arts was also dominated by Hazard Middle School and Robinson. The top three competitors were from HMS. Abdallah Sher won first. Kairi Wickline scored second place. Cailin Lindon finished third. Jasmine Carmondy and Tess Combs, both of Robinson, completed the top five.

Top place in Arts and Humanities was awarded to Kayla Johnson of HMS. Ava Dixon and Emiley Blair of HMS finished second and third. Lauren Hurt of A.B. Combs took home fourth. Colton Stidham of Robinson finished out the top five.

In Composition, Tess Combs of Robinson won first. Matt Williams of HMS trailed closely in second. Robinson’s Haylee Turner finished third. Ava Dixon of HMS came in fourth. Mollie Neace of A.B. Combs completed the top five to advance on in regional competition.

District 79 overall standings: HMS first; Robinson second; A.B. Combs third; East Perry fourth.

Congratulations to all the schools and competitors. Good luck in regionals!

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Courtesy logo | Willard and Hazard Middle School were overall top district winners. All competitors placing in top 5 advance to regionals.
http://hazard-herald.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/web1_Governors_Cuo_cmyk-3.jpgCourtesy logo | Willard and Hazard Middle School were overall top district winners. All competitors placing in top 5 advance to regionals.
Middle grades; 77th, 78th & 79th Districts

By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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