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HAZARD — The following Hazard Community and Technical College students have been named to the Dean’s List for the fall 2016 semester. To be named to the Dean’s List, a student must attain a grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale and successfully complete at least 12-18 KCTCS semester credits of course work numbered 100 or above (excluding any courses considered developmental).

Alison Elizabeth Abner of Buckhorn, Ralph Ben Adams of Viper, John Austin Adkins of Hazard, Justin Wyatt Allen of Hazard, Whitney Nicole Allen of Yerkes, Rebekah Lauren Baker of Happy, Savannah Elizabeth Leigh Baker of Hazard, Randy Lynn Bowling of Chavies, Sarah A. Brashear of Scuddy, David Tanner Brown of Hazard, Kimberly Rae Bryant of Hazard, Pamela Lynn Bush of Bonnyman, Megan Renee Calhoun of Bulan, Sarah K. Callihan of Hazard, Brittanie Lynn Campbell of Hazard, Daniel Keith Campbell of Viper, Jimmy D. Campbell of Hazard, Zachary Carl Campbell of Krypton, Ciera Hope Carroll of Busy, Daniel Lewis Carter of Vicco, Austyn Mercedes Caudill of Busy, Vivian A. Caudill of Vicco, Michael Thomas Cole of Hazard.

And, Carlena C. Collins of Hazard, Amanda Lee Ann Combs of Hazard, Austin Blake Combs of Hazard, Autumn Nicole Combs of Hazard, Bailey Combs of Vicco, Craig T. Combs of Hazard, Jon David Combs of Hazard, Keisha Rashae Combs of Hazard, Makeisha Kristin Combs of Busy, Stanley Dewayne Combs of Hazard, Tiffany L. Combs of Viper, Aaron Ray Coots of Cornettsville, Sarah Jane Coots of Viper, Daniel Evan Cornett of Hazard, Alexandra Lynn Couch of Hazard, Macy Alexandra Creech of Hazard, Hillary Brenda Daniels of Happy, Steven Austin Davidson of Hazard, Austin Chase Deaton of Hazard, James Balis Deno of Hazard, Tara Dyan Dunn of Jeff, Jonathan Edwards of Hazard, Brittney N. Engle of Vicco.

Also, Haley B. Engle of Vicco, Brittany Ariel Eversole of Buckhorn, Cassidy Taylor Eversole of Viper, Kaitlyn Brooke Eversole of Viper, Shania N. Fields of Hazard, Hayleigh R. Ford of Bulan, Ronald Joe Fortney III of Hazard, AB Cheston Francis of Hazard, Marie C. Francis of Hazard, Bryon Christopher Fugate of Chavies, Stacie Nicole Fugate of Hazard, Victor H. Gayheart of Hazard, Michael Gibson of Bonnyman, Tabitha Jamie Gray of Hazard, Ricky Lynn Griffie of Bonnyman, Denise A. Griffith of Hazard, Stefani Paige Gross of Jeff, Makensey Nata’ Gunter of Viper, Dakota Wayne Halcomb of Cornettsville, Matthew Halcomb of Delphia, Fallon D.C. Hall of Happy, Magan R. Hall of Hazard, Sue Ellen Hamblin of Krypton, Pearly Harris of Viper, Phillip Ray Holbrook of Viper, Madison F. Holliday of Hazard.

And, Taylor B. Hurt of Slemp, Ashley Nicole Johnson of Yerkes, Christopher Wyatt Jones of Bonnyman, Derek W. Jones of Hazard, Kristina Johann Jones of Hazard, Simeon Jones of Hazard, Wesley Allen Jones of Hazard, Rianne B. Kablan of Hazard, Carl R. Ketron Jr. of Hazard, Casey Nichole Kidd of Cornettsville, Albert Jimmy Kilburn of Chavies, Brandon Chase Kilburn of Hazard, Jessalyn Brooke Kilburn of Hazard, Rex Kilburn of Combs, Kristen Leigh Koontz of Hazard, Lauryn Krasnopolsky of Jeff, Stefan John Lewis of Hazard, Adam Henry Linz of Bulan, Brit Garrett Lipfird of Hazard, James Matthew Lucas of Hazard, Chandler Ruth Maggard of Hazard, Clara Ann McCall of Bulan, Paula Ann McDaniel of Yerkes.

Also, Barbara Kristin Mcintosh of Hazard, Joseph Carl McIntosh of Chavies, Lindsey M. McIntyre of Hazard, Kaitlyn Rene’ Miller of Hazard, Kia Gustina Miller of Hazard, Zoey Dominique Mills of Hazard, Courtney Allison Moore of Hazard, Brian Joe Morris of Busy, Sharon Morris of Hazard, Cody E. Napier of Hazard, Lisa Sarah Napier of Vicco, Angela Annette Noble of Bonnyman, Jarred Ben Noble of Bulan, Lauren C. Noble of Hazard, Melissa Kaye Noble of Hazard, Ryan Charles Noble of Hazard, Brandi Marie Noplis of Hazard, Erin Michelle Overbee of Hazard, Patrick Timothy Patula of Hazard, Manessa Noel Perry of Bonnyman, Lorrin Elizabeth Peryer of Chavies, Michael V. Reeder Jr. of Hazard, Joshua Rhodes of Delphia.

And, Kansas M. Rice of Buckhorn, Brittany Rexann Riley of Bonnyman, Haley Ashton Ritchie of Vicco, Larry Dean Roberts of Avawam, Tori Paige Robinson of Hazard, Margaret O. Salley of Hazard, Meghan Elizabeth Shell of Viper, Melanie Brooke Shepherd of Hazard, Rulanna S. Shepherd of Cornettsville, Sarah Danette Sizemore of Hazard, Brookelynn Diane Slone of Combs, William Corey Slone of Hazard, Carl Ray Smith of Hazard, Harrison Wayne Smith of Vicco, Holly Marie Smith of Hazard, Jessica Michelle Standafer of Vicco, Amy G. Stidham of Hazard.

Also, Jamie Lynn Stidham of Chavies, Ana Lee Stone of Hazard, Benjamin Caleb Strong of Dwarf, Aaliyah M. Stupart of Hazard, Keith Sturgill of Happy, Nathan Skyler Terry of Viper, Morgan Thacker of Hazard, Julie Ann Thomas of Hazard, Antigone Chevelle Trent of Hazard, Devin Michael Turner of Hazard, Michael Ryan Turner of Viper, Steven Vires of Chavies, Keith Walker of Hazard, Megan Denise White of Hazard, Austin Cory Williams of Viper, Joy Lavonne Witt of Chavies, and Amanda N. Young of Hazard.

Information for this article provided by HCTC and available at hazard.kctcs.edu.

Staff report

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