AT&T announces investments in Network Upgrades throughout Eastern Kentucky

Upgrades include 3 new cell sites along the Mountain Parkway

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LOUISVILLE — AT&T has upgraded its wireless coverage along the Mountain Parkway and areas across East Kentucky.

Nearly 80 network upgrades and 10 new cell towers throughout East Kentucky will improve and expand mobile service for rural customers. Three new cell sites along the Mountain Parkway in Magoffin and Wolfe Counties are now boosting coverage for residents and travelers in the surrounding communities.

These upgrades make it possible for the cell sites to handle more network traffic, which means improved reliability and fewer dropped calls.

“A main point of discussion in Frankfort two years ago was how we could encourage the continued deployment of high-speed Internet access, and I believe this is a testament to the fact that those discussions are working, and the private sector is responding,” said Senate President Robert Stivers. “This is great news for both businesses and families throughout East Kentucky.”

“I often say pro-business policies produce private investment and I think this is a prime example,” said Sen. Brandon Smith. “These new 4G LTE cell sites and network upgrades will make East Kentucky more attractive to business and new residents.”

“The continuing expansion and enhancement of access to high-speed Internet is essential to making our community attractive to new businesses and to helping our current businesses be successful and create new jobs,” said Hal B. Goode, president, Kentucky Association for Economic Development. “The important work being done by our state and local elected officials is instrumental in creating an environment that encourages these investments.”

“The hundreds of millions of dollars AT&T has invested in our wired and wireless high-speed networks in Kentucky is possible in large part because of the pro-investment policies and pro-business pursuits of our state and local leaders,” said Amy Scarborough, regional director of external and legislative affairs for AT&T in Kentucky. “The hard work being done by the men and women of AT&T is turning our investments into high-speed connections for Kentuckians all across the Commonwealth.”

To learn more about AT&T coverage in Kentucky, visit the AT&T Coverage Viewer. For updates on the AT&T wireless network, please visit the AT&T Network news page.

Upgrades include 3 new cell sites along the Mountain Parkway

Staff Report

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