InVision seeks downtown land info

By Sam Neace - [email protected]

Courtesy photo | Thursdays on the Triangle in downtown Hazard.

HAZARD — InVision Hazard is continuing its mission of revitalizing the downtown area. The organization not only strives to organize events, which it has done with such projects as Fish the City, the Haunted Harvest and assistance with other groups on festivities like Thursdays on the Triangle, but InVision Hazard also hopes to attract new businesses into the downtown economy. Now, InVision has launched an ambitious project that can help in future downtown business recruitment efforts and the public can possibly help them obtain the information they need.

According to Sam Collins, who is Chair of the InVision Hazard Steering Committee, InVision is working to compile an accurate list of all properties in the downtown area and the names of legal owners of those properties. InVision considers downtown to be the territory from the Peace Gardens on Main Street to the Hazard Fire Station.

“We have a lot of potential business owners ask about places downtown,” Sam Collins said, “If we are going to offer downtown Hazard as an asset for potential businesses, then we need to know the nature of what is actually here.”

Collins claims that finding the appropriate information is more difficult than many people might think. InVision wants to reach out to property owners with interest from entrepreneurs. As an attorney, Collins understands the importance of properly determining a property’s legal owner before going forward with any plans. Collins also states that new business interest in downtown Hazard has shown good potential.

“If we know who owns all of these properties, then we can start to reach out,” said Collins.

InVision Hazard has a form that anyone with information about downtown property can fill out. The form is designed is to simply give InVision information on who they can start speaking with to get all of the proper details they need.

InVision Hazard can be found on Facebook. Another way to receive information is by attending the monthly InVision Hazard meeting, which is scheduled for Feb. 21, 6:00 p.m. at the University Center of the Mountains.

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Courtesy photo | Thursdays on the Triangle in downtown Hazard. photo | Thursdays on the Triangle in downtown Hazard.

By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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