Oneida man arrested on drug charges

By TJ Caudill - [email protected]

HAZARD — A Kentucky State Police (KSP) traffic stop led to the arrest of a Oneida man for drug-related charges.

According to a police citation, on Feb. 11 around 5 p.m., KSP Post 13 in Hazard received a report of a silver 2005 Chevrolet Impala driving recklessly on Hwy. 80 on the Hal Rodgers Parkway.

Jason F. Gay, 46, of Oneida would later be identified as the driver of the silver Chevrolet Impala.

KSP Trooper Houston Lewis and another trooper were dispatched by KSP to locate the vehicle. KSP Post 13 received another report that the motor vehicle was in the parking lot of CVS Pharmacy off of Village Lane in Hazard.

The citation said both troopers located the vehicle in the parking lot; Tpr. Lewis and the other trooper waited for the silver Chevrolet Impala to pull out of the parking lot. After Gay left the parking lot, both troopers then followed Gay’s vehicle.

Tpr. Lewis performed a traffic stop in the Autozone Parking Lot on Gay after he failed to signal during a turn.

When Tpr. Lewis approached Gay’s vehicle, the citation says Gay’s speech was slurred and his pupils were constricted.

The citation also says Gay was unable to follow Tpr. Lewis’s simple instructions.

Tpr. Lewis then performed a field sobriety test, which the citation says Gay failed.

During the field sobriety test, the citation says Tpr. Lewis noticed an orange pill residue in Gay’s left nostril.

Gay was then read his Miranda Rights. According to the citation, Gay gave Tpr. Lewis permission to search his vehicle.

The citation says during Tpr. Lewis’s search of Gay’s vehicle, Tpr. Lewis found a pill bottle with black tape taped around it.

Inside the bottle were three and a half round blue pills, the citation says. Poison Control would later identify the pills as 30 MG Oxycodone; they also identified four and a half round orange pills that were .5 MG Clonazepam, the citation said.

Also found during Tpr. Lewis’s search were four Suboxone strips, the citation says.

Tpr. Lewis then discovered a small plastic bag with a white crystal substance inside. According to the citation, Gay told Tpr. Lewis that the substance was Methamphetamine.

Gay was then placed into custody and transported to Hazard ARH. The citation says Gay refused a blood test.

He was then transported to Kentucky River Regional Jail, where he was lodged in.

Gay is facing charges of one count of first offense and first-degree possession of a controlled substance, one count of second-degree possession of a controlled substance, one count of third-degree possession of a controlled substance, one count of operating a motor vehicle under the influence, one count of buying/possessing drug paraphernalia, one count of careless driving, one count of failure to or improper signal, and one count of excessive windshield/window tinting.

He was released on a $20,000 surety bond.

Gay is scheduled to appear in the Perry County District Court on March 13 at 9 a.m. for arraignment.

TJ Caudill is a reporter with The Hazard Herald. He can be reached at 606-629-3245.

By TJ Caudill

[email protected]

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