HHS Theatre presents “Noises Off”

By Sam Neace - [email protected]

HAZARD — Hazard High School Theatre once again amazed the audience with their spring production, which this year featured a farce by English playwright Michael Frayn titled “Noises Off”. The play was held at The Forum on the evenings of April 14 and April 15.

“Noises Off” is unique because the story features a play within a play. In other words, the plot focuses on characters, who are acting in a play. Yet much of the action centers around what happens to these characters as the play they are working on develops.

Pulling off a show of this magnitude is an impressive feat for a high school drama group because set changes are extensive and must unfold quickly. The set design makes matters even more challenging because the script requires the setting to include a stairway with doors on the second floor, along with an open space in the downstairs area with more doors for entrances and exits. However, the set also changes and must be changed hastily. Hazard High School Theatre met this demand precisely.

Hazard High School Theatre students oversee every aspect of their productions from acting and set design to technical design and even publicity. Folks driving along Hwy. 15 in Hazard near Morton Blvd. might have noticed the billboard promoting the show. The group also organized a promotion with Coal River Grille that gave a free appetizer to anyone, who showed their ticket at the restaurant.

The program for the play features a President’s Note section, where Hazard High School senior, Stacie Fugate, shares a message about the show. Within that message, Fugate says, “”Hazard Theatre, for me and so many others, is a place where we can escape from our daily struggles to just have fun and put on a play. It is a home, a refuge, and a space where us misfits are suddenly normal.”

Every play must have a director, and for Hazard High School Theatre, that director is teacher Luke Glaser. Glaser has mastered a method of providing guidance and direction, while also giving the students space to develop each production as a team, with their own unique visions. Stacie Fugate speaks of Mr. Glaser in her message on the play’s program.

“Luke Glaser entered Hazard High School in the fall of 2013 and went out on a limb in starting a brand new theatre program. For some, drama may have been just an extracurricular activity, but to most of us, it has become so much more. We would not believe in ourselves if it wasn’t for Glaser believing in us first, and for that, we are eternally grateful.”

This is the Cast of Hazard High School Theatre’s production of “Noises Off”: Brooke Hochstetler as Dotty Otley as Mrs. Clackett; Darhla Miles as Lloyd Dallas, Director; Chase Rose as Gary Lejeune as Roger Tramplemain; Stacie Fugate as Brooke Ashton as Vicki; Taylor Williams as Poppy Norton-Taylor, Stage Manager; Andrew Nickles as Frederick Fellowes as Phillip Brent and Sheikh; Hannah Whitaker as Belinda Blair as Flavia Brent; Melissa Jones as Tina Allgood, Assistant Stage Manager; Zac Arnold as Selsdon Mowbray as Burglar.

This is the Tech and Set Crew: Trevor Robinson, Stage Manager; Hunter Brashear, Kelli Carey, Rachel Crawford, Charity Herald, Eleni Karelis, Andrew Nguyen, Ian McGrew, Katie Pennington, Zoe Pennington, Krystyna Roberts, Haley Smith, Haylee Teague, Connor Whitaker.

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By Sam Neace

[email protected]

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