Perry County Schools Hold Second Annual District Wide Pep Rally

By Erin Joseph -

General Charles E. Jones

HAZARD— Friday morning, the second annual district wide pep rally for the Perry County School System was held at Commodore Field at East Perry Elementary. Students and staff from every school in the district came together to celebrate. General Charles Jones, Brigadier General of the US Air Force, gave a heartwarming speech about the importance of education and hard work. Heroes 4 Higher was also in attendance; Batman stormed the field in his Hopemobile, alongside his sidekicks, Bat Girl and Captain America. The superheros wanted to relay a positive message among the students, having the whole crowd chanting their four important mantras: heroes always do the right thing, they never give up, they help other people, and they never do drugs or bully. The students weren’t the only ones joining in on the fun; principals from each school participated in a dance off to pump up the crowd. The students were quick to show their principals how the “whip and nae nae” was really done.

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General Charles E. Jones Charles E. Jones

By Erin Joseph

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